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Electric Hydrogen Rich Water Machine

Electric Hydrogen Rich Water Machine

Electric Hydrogen Rich Water Machine

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Is your drinking water safe? Do you know if the water you drink is full of chemicals, bacteria, parasites and fluoride?

Our Hydrogen Rich Water Machine for home is advanced technology making it possible to produce pure, clean, healthy water for you family quickly and easily. The Hydrogen has various positive effects on the human body, including activation of some cells, promoting some cells to work harder while suppressing other functions, and initiating some cells into apoptosis (a natural version of cell death that is not harmful). Hydrogen causes new cells to grow faster than normal, new blood vessels to grow stronger than normal, and new bones to grow bigger than normal. 

Therefore, Hydrogen Rich water is simply water that has an unusually high concentration of hydrogen molecules. Through the process of electrolysis, it is possible to create a water rich in hydrogen molecules. This will be a healthier and healthier supplement to your tap water in a convenient appliance in the comfort of your home in relation to health.

Hydrogen Rich Water Machine Benefits:
  • Hydrogen Rich Water can activate cells and detoxify cells and increase its vitality and prevent disease processes.
  • Remove pathogens from water, improves Water taste, prevents disease.
  • Drink more hydrogen rich water, improve your health due to the various health concerns.
  • Releases inner stress. Makes you feel more alert. Improves digestion.
  • Helps to detoxify the body, helps with aging by producing more energy in less time
  •  Immune system strengthening
  • An anti-aging antioxidant beverage
  • A healthy alternative to sugary drinks
  • Healthy drinking water for kids and teens
Hydrogen Rich Water Machine Features
  • This machine makes rich water, expels heavy metals and impurities, and adds hydrogen to water.
  • Generates hydrogen rich alkaline Water
  • There is multiple settings of treatments, the treatment time ranges from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Low conductivity water of alkaline PH level 9
  • Free of chemicals: No harmful substances like chlorine and fluoride.

Cup body material: high borosilicate glass
Operating temperature: 0~40 degrees Celsius
Capacity: 2000ML
Hydrogen concentration: 0.8~1.2PPM
Hydrogen production capacity: 800~1200PPB
PH value: about 7
100-240 voltage could be used

Only 220V is marked on the product, but the machine is actually a wide voltage of 100-240V, which can be used on a voltage of 100-240V. If you mind that user who only have 220V specifications on the machine, please don't buy it!

Q: Why the water shown in the picture is blue, but the hydrogen-rich water made by myself is colorless?

A: In order to show the shooting effect, the water used in shooting is blue, and the hydrogen-rich water produced normally is colorless.

Q: Why does it smell like plastic when used?

A: The chassis of this product is made of food-grade ABS, and it is normal that there is a slight plastic smell in the first use. It is recommended to pour out the water made for the first time

Now the upgraded panel is like this, same function, easier operation.

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